Never Ending Love By. R. F. Cisneros

Never Ending Love
By. R. F. Cisneros

Thoughts of you run in my mind.
Wondering where we stand.
I look at my phone, wanting, hoping,
for the call to come.

The phone rings, my heart stops,
my palms sweat and I answer.
I hear the voice I’ve been longing
to hear.
You and I say what we must.
My soul is on fire.

As we speak of the past.
I realized how wrong I was to leave.
As we speak of the future.
I fear that ship has sailed.
I gather my strength and conviction.
I close my eyes and I ask the question.
I ask to be forgiven hoping the answer is true.
It hangs in the air like the
proverbial elephant in the room.

I can hear the smile on the other end, and
the answer comes in loud and clear.
Tears well up as the answer brings me to my knees,
and I thank God for letting us have this second chance.

Time passes as time does.
I now stand here in front of your name.
As I look down upon your resting place.
Tears well up and I smile and reminisce of the past,
and the second chance given to us.

I place a rose on the casket as it is lowered
in the last place, you’ll rest.
I look over to the fruit of our love and say that
“you’re in a better place, and one day we will be together again.

Lord Zurphs